How to develop Android apps: coding Java using Eclipse

Programming an Android app yourself is “the long, hard road” but it can be extremely satisfying! Learning how to develop Android apps without any previous coding experience means you will have to learn about Java, the Android SDK and a few programming tools.

To get started, follow these steps to get you up and running developing apps.

1. Download and install Java Developer Kit (you can skip this if you are on a Mac)

You probably already have Java installed on your computer: this is called the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). But you need the Developer Kit (JDK). I use version 6, because 7 didn’t work with Eclipse (more on that later). You can download the JDK here.

2. Download and install Eclipse

Eclipse is the program in which you actually write the code for your app. Among other things, it helps you to find errors in the code you write. It is also needed to compile the app: turning your code into a program that runs on Android devices. Getting the right version of Eclipse can be tricky, I spent some time finding a version that worked with the JDK on the 64 bit version of Windows 7. In the end I found that on my system, version 3.6.2 worked with the other tools in this guide.

3. Download and install the Android SDK.

The Android Developer Kit contains the tools to make Java code that works on Android devices. It has options for making versions of your app for different devices and different versions of Android. There is also an emulator: this simulates an Android device on your computer so you can test your apps without having to install it on an actual phone or tablet!

4. Add platforms and packages to the Android SDK.

You need to do this so you can develop apps for different versions of the Android operating system. It also has some very useful tools. Find out how you add these here.

5. Install the ADT plugin for Eclipse.

This will add the functions to Eclipse that you need to make Android apps. Learn how to do this.

6. Start building your first app – Hello World

Making a “Hello World” program is usually the first project when a programmer starts with a new language or platform. Doing this exercise, you will be introduced to the basics of Android app development. There are several tutorials for this, I used this one.

7. Build your first real app.

What kind of app do you want to make? If it is a complicated idea, perhaps it is best to start with something simpler: for instance, an app with just one of the many functions you have in mind. Or, if you have several ideas for apps, start with the one you think will be the easiest to create.

If are planning to do all the developing yourself, you will run into problems (even if you are an experienced Java developer!). For instance, Eclipse tells you that there are errors in your code but you don’t understand the error message… or maybe if you compile and run the app it stops immediately or crashes when you push a button.

When you run into problems like that, try Googling the error message. Many times you will find the information on a site called Stack Overflow. Here, programmers come together to discuss coding problems. Many talented and experienced programmers are there to help you.

6. Publish in the Google Play Store.

Great, you’ve reached the finish line: your app is ready to be unleashed upon the masses! However, if you want those masses to actually find and use your app, the story doesn’t end here. Promoting and maintaining your app are subjects that I’ll cover in other tutorials.

By now I can imagine you are overwhelmed by all this information. Just getting the right tools in place can be daunting for some people, I know it was for me. But fear not: just take it one step at a time… It will be difficult at times but, like I said in the beginning, achieving your goals will be all the more satisfying. So get to it and let me know what you get out of it!

Happy developing!

Recent Changes in App Development for Mobiles

the app developmentMobility has influenced everyone’s lives; whether its work or just play. Developments have been made and developers surprise by innovating as well as facilitating the world in some finest ways. Whether it’s shopping or searching a scrumptious meal in your area, wouldn’t you lift your device and make the move? Trends are changing and hence quicker development of apps is one of the most obvious trends these days. However, the fact is that app developers are also facing many challenges to keep up with the pace of rising demands in the market. Competition somewhere pressurises the developer to create the app as soon as possible. Companies want to launch the app so that can create a quick impact on their customers.  This has lessened the total app development in recent years.

Along with this there are many other concerns as well, such as hacking. Luckily for customers, recent mobile apps require the app developers to undergo a security test and this benefit the app users in a great way. We all understand that security is an important and major concern in the online world because we have to expose our personal information on the web. Though numerous of the consumers are yet not very much familiar with this idea, this drift will persuade lots of app development scheduled in the future. We must to praise the Apple Watch. From the time when it has been launched, wearable technology became so popular. Although a great deal of wearable technology now has been developed in advance, they were focused on health or fitness. The most recent wearable technology will appreciably change of working and communicating.

Again, Cloud technology is also playing a noteworthy role that has lately passed as well as it will keep on influencing the app development in a great way in coming future too. Because there have been inventions of latest gadgets, smart phones and wearable technology, app developers will need to work more hard and seriously especially on integrating everything for a good user experience. By having a cloud approach, app developers can easily produce app which can be used easily across many devices conveniently. As app developers as well as end users, it’s however very thrilling to witness the recent app developments, trends as well as evaluate their impact our lives. Recent changes in the world of apps will definitely always have an encouraging impact on everyone.

Permanent Link to PDA Phone – Why Are They The Next Trend In The Mobile Computers World?

Only a few years ago, the PDA concept was introduced for the first time. The first Palm Pilot’s his the market and millions of people were hoped right away. The combination of a personal electronic organizes along with a powerful computer was a great solution for many people who were looking to get more done without sitting down with their lap-top or desk-top computers.

Later on, the wireless PDA’s were introduced, causing even more stir, and the PDA’s became even more sophisticated, allowing their users to surf the web wirelessly, download and send e-mail’s and the like.

But then – the wind shifted.

It had became apparent the PDA’s could not replace the notebook computers, that were getting thinner, lighter and cheaper, while offering the users the same abilities of a regular PC, but in a mobile fashion. A PDA, as good as it can be, can’t replace a PC.
So at this time, the PDA industry was standing at a crossroad. It had to make the right choice in order to survive.
And what we got as an answer to he notebook computer was the PDA, also known as the smart phone. This was a smart move, as it addressed people’s needs. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to own and use a smart phone:

1.You already use a cell phone, and you probably own a PDA (or intent to buy one). So why not combine the two? You get two in one – more value for your dollars.
2.You’ll probably save hundreds of dollar in future years, when you will want to upgrade your PDA phone. You will only need to upgrade one device instead of two (PDA and a cell phone separately)
3.Save time – Owning two tools that have so many over lapping function is time consuming. For example, It’s much easier to maintain just one email account and addresses instead of one of them at your cell phone and one at your PDA.
4.Many cell phones are limited in their memory capacity and their overall ability to handle various tasks. The PDA’s however, were created for these missions. The PDA phone therefore is a phone with a huge capacity for handling almost anything. This just makes your life a lot easier.
5.Integration – The biggest reason for merging these two vital tools is to enjoy the benefits of integration. You’ll be able to organize your calendar, talk to your clients, download emails, surf the web, and listen to an mp3 music file all at the same place without needing to switch appliances.

The PDA phone is a very logical choice for everyone who is trying to get more out of his day and save time and money. It really makes no sense to be carrying both a PDA and a cell phone around when you can have both in one.

Used Laptops Make Mobile Computing Affordable

Laptop computers have long been a business-class tool with a price that was out of reach for most consumers. Even businesses could not afford to supply all of its employees a top of the line laptop. Prices are now plummeting to the point that almost anyone can afford some sort of laptop or notebook computer without going into debt. This is a boon to many consumers, but students will benefit the most.

In the past to purchase a low cost laptop or notebook, the quality of the device would be sub par or horribly out of date. Now with the wide availability Refurbished Laptops a high quality, relatively new laptop computer can be purchased for oftentimes less than half the new list price. This can mean a good laptop for under $1000.00, and many for less than $500.00.

The speed in which technology is evolving is break neck, and daunting for many businesses and consumers to keep up with. A top of the line computer is less than adequate in 6 months and outdated in a year. While this has been a burden to keep up with, it also means that there are always plenty of used laptops available for sale. Lower income consumers and schools can now afford technology that is only a year out from the manufacturer and is still a viable and powerful tool.

Wireless Internet capabilities are an important reason students need laptops more and more these days. With the power of a desktop computer in a students backpack school work can be done anywhere at any time, and wireless Internet allows the needed research to get homework done fast. This can make homework easier, faster, and fun.

In the past consumers had to choose between a light and portable laptop, and a rugged boat anchor that could withstand a great deal of punishment. Now rugged laptops are available that are easy to carry, and powerful in use. There are still choices to be made, and extremely sturdy laptops can be purchased at the cost of weight but such tools should not be required at a consumer level.

Most major manufacturers carry refurbished laptops and notebook computers. Websites such as Dell, HP, CompUSA, and TigerDirect offer a myriad of used laptops in a wide price range. is another distributor that can provide used computer parts, but the major manufacturers are more likely to have a better selection.

Download Mobile Applications and Get Entertained!

Amazon Kindle
Amazon’s slogan for Kindle stands ‘Buy once, read anywhere’ and it stays true to the lines. Even without a Kindle, one can download multiple books from Amazon read them anywhere. These apps sync well with the Kindle and you can read them on the go.
BBC iPlayer
The iPlayer has for long been a famous player which has incredible mobile experience but which needs a web browser. But these apps change it all! The iPlayer provides a superb and stable experience with great UI and navigation features. The iPlayer allows watching live TV and is Wi-fi only.
The best mobile music app which gives you unlimited access to an incredibly huge library of music! The music belongs to different genres too. You can save playlists in offline mode and play them when you have a bad internet reception via 3G or Wi-fi.
This is a superb app which can help you record TV programs so that you can watch the programs later when you want to! Futuristic app for TV lovers!
This app gives you a demo of what apps can do by accessing remotely your computer’s iTunes library. Sit where you are and play or create new playlists through this app!
Jamie’s Recipes
Jamie’s recipes is a free app which is chargeable only if you need more recipes. This is a dream app for a gourmet and a kitchen whizz. This mobile venture teaches the recipes to the users easily and succinctly with text, pictures and voice. Each individual recipe pack after the first one costs £1.79 each.
Malcolm Tucker – the Missing iPhone
This app is a cool one which teaches multimedia lessons creatively and shows how books can be used with mobile handsets.
RBS Six Nations
This is an ideal official sports app which will help you keep yourself updated with the latest scores (real-time). It also brings in live text commentary and video highlights of the game. There are some interesting statistics related to the game too.
Fan of the Arsenal club? All premiership clubs have their own apps and nowadays they connect with their fans through the apps. Updated team news, stats, and commentary can be seen via the app in real time. There is everything including post-match interviews which a die-hard fan could need.
TuneIn Radio
There are tens and thousands of radio stations for access through this incredible TuneIn Radio app anywhere in the world. This app makes for a seamless browsing experience and listening through it is superb!

Hire iPhone App Developers

Apps have quickly become more popular with the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices. The more people who use these devices, the more important it is to look for an iPhone application development company to provide you with an app that will appeal to your audience. These apps can serve a number of purposes allowing you to interact with your employees or customers in new ways.
Types of Apps
When you hire iPhone app developers from our India company, you will be able to select from a number of app types. Some of the most common types of apps include:
Basic Table Functionality – These apps simply provide information to users in an easy-to-use manner.

Database Driven Customized Functionality – This type of app is customizable, allowing you to display information through a number of methods.

Games – These are among the most popular types of apps, creating a fun way for customers to interact with you.

Enhancement of Firmware – The iPhone runs specific firmware to function. This type of app makes changes to that firmware to create different functionalities.

Fully Dynamic – These apps obtain information from outside sources, particularly other websites.

Custom Utilities – These apps are designed to provide specific functionality for its users.
The Process
Our iPhone app development company provides you with a smooth process so you can rely on your app to work well for its users. It all begins with your idea. Once you give our iPhone app developers in India your idea, we will turn it into a functional app for your business. We will design your app around that centralized idea, customizing it and testing it until it works as it should. Only then will we go live with your new iPhone app.
One of the biggest concerns with app development is the cost. Our iPhone app developers in India work hard for less cost so you can get the app you need without breaking your budget. Our goal is to make iPhone app development more affordable for businesses. Because these apps can play a major role in the success of your business, it is important to find mobile app development that fits within your budget. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the app development they need to stand apart from their competitors.